Thursday, November 29, 2012

My second book of poetry is available in Kindle version (on Amazon) and in paperback everywhere (you may have to order it at brick and mortar shops). This one is just poems and continues the contemplative, observational, calming, style of Conditions.

Also available in other formats on (10/10/13).

Of course you can preview on Amazon, but here are a couple further into the book:

Little Bird

Little bird, where do you go
When the rain beats down
And the wind does howl and blow?
It can’t be far; you’re always out
As soon as the sun
Returns and the kids begin to shout.
Your tiny voice is so very loud;
When you leave there’s silence.
So I’m happy to see a break in cloud,
Knowing you’ll soon be back!

Passed By

It’s coming!
Wind picking up, gusting, cool.
Clouds piling up, darkening.
The birds excited, racing about.
Thunder rumbling, deep and throaty,
Still distant.
It’s coming!
The wind swirls; you almost
Taste the rain coming.
The trees bend and sway
As the thunder comes closer
And the birds disappear.
It’s coming!
A patch of blue?
The clouds streaming by, breaking up
Thunder less distinct
Wind suddenly weaker
Where’d it go?
Passed us by.

The Bog
 Limpid pools of dark oily water
Call with enchantment strong
As magic can be.
Frogs skitter at the edges
Disturbed by boys’ silent noisy progress.
Muck sucks joyously
At sneakers filling them
With sulfurous black goo.
Spiders hang dangerously close
To the surface, barely visible
In the mystic gloom.
Treasures lurk just below the surface –
Beer cans, half their labels dissolved,
Husks of bottle rockets, and even,
To the lucky, a mud-sodden baseball.
Mom won’t like the treasures
Or the pieces of bog
Tenaciously carried home.
But nothing she says can stay the lure
Of the dim, smelly, bog.

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