Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Poems

The geraniums (and a lone kalanchoe) were my winter gardening project. Enjoy the poems. Leave a comment on your emotions with the arrival, sometimes with clinging tendrils of winter, of the spring season.

Spring is Coming

This morning I went out
To fetch the paper by the road
And greeting me
High in a tree
Was a cardinal
All decked in red.
He sang to me
That sunny morn
Of coming spring
Warm and bright
Of crocuses coming
Through melting snow.
When his song was done
Another voice came lifting
The whippoorwill was
Down the street.
Came the call,
Greet the day now dawning
Heed the cardinal
The snow is going
Spring is soon arriving!

Spring Not Yet
The spring dark descends quickly
Bringing a breeze that will be warm
When the summer arrives but now
Is cool, almost cold, reflecting
Winter just recently receded.
The day was bright but likewise
Cooler than the sunlight suggested,
With puffy cumulus first bunching
Then separating, tantalizing.
Even the trees and bushes tease.
One imagines the buds bursting
Into the sunlight, only to be
Disappointed on closer inspection.
Soon, but not yet.

Spring Sky
Spring has come;
There are buds on the lilacs
The sun no longer is its weak
Winter self.
But the sky, the sky
This spring night
Harkens back to the winter.
Cold air gives a sharpness
The scarcity of clouds
An open vista
To thousands, nay, millions
Of tiny twinkling pinpricks.

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