Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Review - This is (Not) Your Grandmothers Poetry

This is (Not) Your Grandmothers Poetry by Marshall Armstrong

Marshall writes clearly on a variety of topics, all with an earthy, realistic, and slightly cynical bent. His ideas are clear and the presentation flows smoothly. The reader feels the emotion in the stories and the poems. One feels the sun, smells the dog, and hears the fury of the storm. My personal favorite poem is Real? I feel like that often. My favorite of his short prose works is My Dog Eats Frogs. It is exactly about what it says - the dog's perspective is superbly captured!

Marshall says in his introduction that the title was an attempt to "tell people this is not the kind of poetry you were force fed in high school." That is apt. Dry, hard to understand pentameter is NOT here. The poetry is clear, the prose even clearer and all with a refreshing voice.

This is (Not) Your Grandmothers Poetry is available at Smashwords.com.

About the author:

Marshall Armstrong lives, works, and writes in small town Minnesota. He found he "enjoyed poetry if it wasn't flowery and rhyming." He also found that he could write about anything.

He is happily married with children, grandchildren, and a dog, Sophie, who is both companion and featured in many of his stories and poems.

Find more of Marshall's work and the work he does on his website The Window.

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