Friday, November 15, 2013

Feature and Follow - Movie Better That the Book?

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Definitely. The ORIGINAL Star Wars movie was better than the book. After that, not so much. A lot of the follow-on books are better than any of the follow-on movies. But the first...ah, the movie hands down.

I would have to also throw into that Clear and Present Danger by Tom Clancy and the Harry Potter movies, mostly, in all of these cases, because the books were too dense for me to dig through. The movies simplified the plot and tore away many of the subplots. The story lost some of its richness but gained a lot in "readability".

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  1. I have to admit to loving the HP books a lot more than the movies, still love the films though. Some great pics. New GFC and Bloglovin follower. My F&FF.

    1. I DO seem to be the odd one out on that! :-)
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  2. Good picks! I didn't even know Star Wars was a book, lol.

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  3. I never would have thought of Star Wars. I think you are the only one to mention it. I never read the books but my brothers did. Have a great week. Thanks for stopping by my blog. New GFC follower.

  4. I agree with Star Wars although it's been a long time since I've read the books. I do remember enjoying the movie more than the first book. My favorite movie of the original trilogy is the Empire Strikes Back. It's funny, too, because my son is really into Star Wars so whenever someone asks him his name, he replies, "Darth Vader. Don't call me Jack, it's Darth Vade." LoL!

    I love the HP books more than the movies. My husband never read the books but watched the movies, and there was a lot I had to explain that was lost in translation. The movies captured exactly what I was picturing in my head while I was reading, and they're visually stunning imo.

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    1. My daughter provided that role - filling in the HP subplots. I agree that the movies were visually great - and my daughter agrees with you that they did capture the scenes they showed well. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I loved HP books more than the movies, though the movies were also entertaining..:)
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