Monday, February 10, 2014

Think Out Load - Appreciating Spring

This is a very interesting concept meme.

One recurring thought, as the "worst" winter in many years hangs on in the American Northeast, is

Won't we appreciate spring more when it actually does come?

This was emphasized to me when I heard the Passenger song, Let Her Go.

Now, I like snow. I like the cold. I like the clear air after a snowstorm passes through. I like the sound of the howling wind on a dark night. But I also like finding the first brave flower of spring. Watching for the songbirds return from their winter exile. Seeing the trees burst out in new leaves. Feeling the warmth of a spring day. I cherish the changes.

So this spring, maybe, I'll have company in appreciating L'Differance! At least a little more than usual.


  1. That's a nice TOL. You're right. When things are harder, we seem to appreciate more some other stuff. In every aspect. I guess that's the human nature.
    So, cheers to La Difference!

  2. Thanks for letting me take a different look at the cold snap we have been experiencing here.

    1. I'm trying to put a positive spin on it - as another 10 inches is expected tomorrow night!

  3. I am ready for Spring! I'm so glad you posted for TOL! Yay!!! Hope to see you this week as well...