Sunday, November 26, 2017

Poetry to warm a parent's heart

The Coming Storm (1987) 
by Cirenya

The air is still.
The clouds roll in. Dark, ominous.
Lightning flashes
Against the bronze horizon.

What did Daddy say?
His hand is warm.
Between the flash
And crack…count, yes.

One applepie, Two applepie,
Three applepie, four applepie,
It’s nearer now.

“It’s the air separating
Then coming together.”
“Yes, Daddy.”
The wind starts.
It’s chilly.

One applepie, two applepie,
Three applepie,
Closer yet.

We’d go in now.
Sit by the window,
Watch it come.

Pounding, bouncing
Off the pane.
Flash, crack.

I’m not afraid.

Daddy’s hand is warm.

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