Friday, January 18, 2013

Feature and Follow - My Favorite Villain

My favorite villain...Hmm.

I think the Jaberwock has to top the list. Who else can strike terror into generations of children with not so much as a tidbit of description except to "Beware!"

A close second has to be the Walrus and the Carpenter who trick the oysters into being collected and eaten.

On a purely psychological thriller perspective, Hannibal Lecter has to be near the top as the embodiment of evil. In that same vein, Mr. Hyde from Robert Louis Stevenson's classic is another favorite.

Finally, as a person who reads a lot of history, a favorite real life villain is Banastre Tarleton. He was so villainous he probably did more to solidify resistance in the southern colonies in the American Revolution and help bring about these United States than any single "rebel".

This is my first Feature and Follow post. I look forward to participating in the hop. Please leave me comments - all are welcome!


  1. All great choices! I didn't think along those lines. :)

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  2. Oh! Hannibal Lecter! He fits the bill as a perfect villain. He had a lot of depth that made the story so well-rounded. Love that choice.

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