Friday, January 4, 2013

The Library

The following is included in my collection Observations available for Kindle or in paperback.
It is not classic, like Frost or Wordsworth, but if you're here, it likely makes sense to you. Enjoy it and please, leave me a comment on the poem, the blog, or life in general! Thank you!


The library beckons
With promises of adventure,
Of faraway lands and fantastic creatures.
Fascinating people
And puzzles whose solution
Is always revealed in the end.
Take me away from today
Show me the past, the future,
A different present.
Teach me, entertain me
In whatever direction I choose.
I’ve gotten lost in the library
More often than I can recount.
Pleasantly lost, willfully lost
Mayhap I’ll get lost today!


  1. get lost in the library! What a wonderful fate.

  2. Oh wow, I'd love to publish something and the poem is great, definitely relatable for all of us!
    Juli @ Universe in Words