Friday, June 7, 2013

Feature and Follow - Abandon a Series?

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This week's question is Have you ever abandoned a series and why?

I don't read many series, mostly because I don't want to get hooked and be frustrated because I don't have the time. That said, I have never abandoned a series. I have taken years to finish, like the Hornblower series by C. S. Forester, but never abandoned.


  1. I have mixed opinions on series. I've never heard of the series before.
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  2. I get irritated that it's rare to find a book that doesn't lead into a series anymore. I tend to feel like it is a greedy move to stretch the stories out into an endless series of less interesting adventures.
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    1. Amazon actually heavily promotes series in their self-publishing communiques - specifically for that reason - to drive sales. I don't mind writers who put together loosely connected books - build a milieu, as it were, and allow the characters to develop significant depth, such as the classic mystery series or romance series - Stephanie Laurens' Malory books for example or even Sherlock Holmes. But to do it poorly...

  3. I don't know if I would say that I've ever totally abandoned a series either - I think it would be more accurate to say that I've taken a "break". :-)

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  4. I abandoned a series - my favourite books are Clan of the Cave Bear and the Valley of Horses by Jean M Auel, which are the first 2 in series of 6 books called Earth's Children. The books progressively get worse so that I've just not read the 6th at all. I've heard really bad reviews, and just don't want to read it it all :( I still love the first and second though!

  5. I'm a new follower. It's a follow back. Thanks so much for following me. I don't think I've abandoned a series. There are a few I've yet to finish.

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