Friday, June 21, 2013

Midsummer Poetry Night

If anybody is on Long Island next week...

One from me:


Springtime and it is raining

Not hard

But enough to be wet

And for the mud to BE

Without being too much.

I run over the wet grass

Then dive

For the dipping frisbee

Skittering along full out

Acquiring a thin skin of mud

A splotch dots my cheek

Just right

A badge of honor without

Needing to taste it

Or wipe any off my face

Hours later, blue from cold

Soaked through

Mom will make me stop

Just inside the front door

To remove all I've gained

I'll smile an inward smile


And shed the outward banner

But keep the inner pride

Having done so very well

In the mud and rain there is

Much more,

Than winning and losing the game

A separate score, unmentioned

Total mud and water accumulated


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