Saturday, April 19, 2014

Feature and Follow - Spring Break - The Gardens of Versailles

I am not one for crowds, heavy consumption of intoxicants, or most of the other things normally associated with the term Spring Break.

I do, however, very much enjoy spring. Formal gardens are superb places, in my mind - quiet, beautiful, spacious. A place where one can share time with a special someone, a small group of friends, or enjoy solitude. They are also great for walking, talking, reading, writing, and a thousand other activities that are a pleasant break from the insanity of my day job.

Versailles? Because it is near Paris, has historical significance, is near other areas of historical and cultural interest and is fantastic in its own right.



Phone is ringing
Baby crying
Email flashing
Dinner cooking
Client demanding
Homework trying


Through the open window
Calling is a sparrow
Trees are rustling in the breeze
Neighbor tries stifling a sneeze
Lilacs give a splash of color
Clematis climbing up the arbor


High above, the powder blue sky
Wispy tendrils float and sigh
A hawk soars graceful and silent
Encouraging you to feel the quiet
Seemingly suspended beyond the clash
Remember them in the daily dash.

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