Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Haiku is for Hoopla

I dabble in haiku mostly because I like the focus the fixed structure brings.

This one is appropos as the snow returns for an encore even as the trees bring forth their first leaves:

Crocuses poke through
Stubborn edges of grey snow
Heralding warm days

I tried to capture the immediacy of a summer thunderstorm with this one:

I see it coming
Rain, pelting, pounding, soaking
Run, run to shelter

Here is a parody of the things that make headlines:

Hostess closes down
Panic ensues; Twinkies gone
Epic tragedy

Finally, a straighforward, "life is good" and if its not, it will be:

Limitless blue sky
Shows infinite potential
Reaching improvement
These, and 48 more, were published in 52 Haiku, available FREE on Smashwords. See my author interview on HaikuHoopla.

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