Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Moments - Poetry for Everybody

Poetry that is readily understandable finding beauty, wonder, hope, and happiness in the everyday. Approach the anticipation of spring finally returning after the long winter. Experience the joy of boys playing in the mud or the beauty of a new snowfall. Feel the stories of ancient bones and listen to the quiet of the early morning. Hear the reminiscence of the passing of time and see the excitement of each passing scene in a life. These and many more.

Review by: P.S. Rowland on May 01, 2014 : star star star star star 
When reading a book, did you ever get the feeling the author could see right inside your brain and was putting down your thoughts and not theirs? Author Greg Schroeder, has done just this in this recent gem "Moments". Thank you for the memories you have invoked, the thoughts you have inspired and the memories yet to come as I read your words over and over again!

Author P.S. Rowland of "Lest We Forget Life's Passion"

From Moments:

Clear and cold
The winter night sky reaches
To the edge of time
And space.
Brilliant full moon floods
A pale, thin light
But fails to illuminate
The blackness above.
Stars, tiny pinpricks:
Yellow, red, white, blue
Mixed in color and intensity,
Serve as markers through
Distance and time.
Sitting on the hill
Icy wind buffets
Lost in the depths
Of space and time
Lost in the imagining,
Imagining the infinite,
And the possibilities
That grow from it.

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