Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer has come, where was spring?

Yesterday it was 86 degrees with nary a cloud in the sky, sun beating down and the smell of flowers and barbecue permeating the air. This year it went from a cold 60 with slanting rain to the beautiful weekend just past, with hardly a moderate day in between.

Now, this could all be explained away as a normal variation. Some years are just like this, have been forever. Some years the spring comes early and lingers late and people start to complain that summer never comes. Just like all the tornadoes ripping through the center of the country. Some years there are just a lot of tornadoes.

It could also explain why we've had such massive and destructive storms in recent years - Katrina, Sandy, to name two. Big storms do come around occasionally.

And then there was the story in the news today that officials in the Marshall Islands had discovered the remains of some 15 Japanese soldiers from World War II. Their shallow graves had been destroyed by ocean waters that were 8 cm higher that just a few years ago on an archipelago where the highest point is only 2 meters above sea level.

One or two of these could be coincidence, could be the normal variation of nature over time. But all of them and more in the past ten years? Maybe not.

Let me know what you think! Comments (polite ones!) are always welcome.

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  1. I can't believe it's already summer! It does feel like the weather is being crazy this year. It was 82 degrees few days ago and then raining over night lol Crazy Seattle